Kilmersdon Village Hall

The Heart of the Village since 1992


A lovely rural venue to hold your

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Events
  • Courses
  • Concerts
  • Plays.

Spacious * Warm * Clean and Bright


The Hall is tastefully and quietly decorated and has everything you need to enjoy your special day. You will have the use of 

  • A Large stage
  • Extensive floor space
  • Kitchen and toilets
  • Loop system
  • Fully accessible
  • Car Park.

Booking is easy. Call Danielle on 07527693937 or email

Our Story of How We Did It!

We started from a very small beginning and grew steadily. Thanks to the continuing community effort and the many people and organisations who have used the hall. In fact, anything from large organisations to personal events, like birthdays and weddings. 

We Do Everything to Make Your Day a Good One!


As you can see here, someone else thinks we do too - we have our accreditation for good service.


If you would like your day here at the Hall, please contact Daanielle on 07527693937 or email





This is the highest level of award for Village Halls and was awarded in 2014

We were the Mendip winners of the 2014 Village Hall Management Shield. There are only four other Village Halls in Somerset with this level of accreditation.

Proud of their Award the team is showing the shield.

From left to right:-

Frances Horler, Cherry Gilham, Martin Horler, Scott Davis.

How We Did It


The Village Hall has come along way since the first idea was put forward. The best way is to let Martin tell you in his own words how it all started and how it has grown to the present day. It's an inspirational story of imagination and community effort to build a hall - and not just an ordinary hall. Have a read, it's well worth it!

How to Find Us

Booking is easy. Call Danielle on 07527693937 or email

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