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Latest News - Covid-19 Updated 12th May 2021


Virul - Ant and Vary - Ant

We are open again from Monday 15th May and we can welcome you back to the Hall!!!!

But, because Virul-Ant brought his little brother Vary-Ant to add to the difficulty of Covid and are still running about, we need to stay careful.

We have been holding our meetings by teleconference  and we decided it would be safer not to hold an AGM while the two Ants were around. We must do it, because we need to follow Charity Commision rules on transparency. Now that the rules are relaxed, we find we can now hold our AGM at 7.oopm on 1st June - in the Hall. You are welcome to attend :-)


Deterr - Ant

Deterr - Ant is still keeping the Hall Covid-free by arranging for Sparkling Solutions ( a local company) to carry out a deep clean every Friday.

Now that we are open again, here's our list of rules, which you can read and download now.

The Tai Kwondo group is starting again, while the Kilmersdon Gardeners Club is still interested in restarting.

 TheArt Club and WI are planning to restart and two classes - a Zumba class and a Yoga class may also  start The hall is still safe.

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What's Next at the Hall


Sunday 4th July afternoon children’s party


Yoga with Julie

Every Thursday from 21st June 10- 11.30 is a Yoga Class with instructor Julia Cowlishaw.


Film Nite

10th September Reel People (evening)


Film Nite

8th October Reel People (evening)


Film Nite

29th October Reel People (evening)


Film Nite

19th November Reel People (evening)


Keeping it Clean !

These are some of the measures we have taken to look after you and the Hall

Make this your ideal venue. Booking is easy - call Danielle on 07527693937 or by email

Celebrations Weddings Conferences Birthdays Events Displays

If you can imagine it, you can make it happen here. Then enjoy your day doing it.

Local character

Come and enjoy the use of this hall for any event you can hold. 
We do everything to make your day an enjoyable success.
It looks good -  we built it to reflect the character of the village.

All that has earned us the highest accreditation that can  be awarded in recognition of our facilties and our customer service...

Only five Halls in Somerset have acheived this standard.

Like our Hall ?

We would be glad if you, or your friends, could say something about your use of our hall.
Just choose an Ant and go for it !!

Jubil -ant

Make us feel Happy !

Despond - ant

OK - We'll try to do better.

What Others Say about Us.

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Design by Tel

We asked this nice bloke from another village to update this site. He did it because he said he likes us and our hall. He thinks you would too.

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The Ceilidh Band

Their full title is Four-Foot-Four Ceildh Barn-Dance-Band. After their barn dance here on 12 October, they said "The village hall in Kilmersdon is a great venue for a barn dance, ceilidh or similar event, as there is loads of space for dancing and a nice stage for the band to play from.” And ... it's fun way to help keep you fit.

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We train on Monday nights at this Hall. It's a great way for you to feel good. We find the hall perfect for training. It's location and facilities make it a perfect venue for Taekwondo.

Past Performance Really Is An Indication Of What You Could Do Here!!


25 Years ago, the Kilmersdon Arts Academy performed in the hut which was then the Village Youth Club now the one in the Herb Garden hut. There were two performances each time and the hut was packed at e ach one. All this without a stage - the curtain was a dust sheet stretched crudely over a scaffold pole.  With no room for changing, the performers ran across a flimsy platform to and fro a horsebox parked close by. Changing was unisex - not much privacy!

So what happened in the Hall ? -- Look at What They Did.


We're In the Middle of Kilmersdon Village


  • The St Nicks Old Timers Music Halls
  • Auctions, and silent auctions
  • Quiz nights
  • Beetle Drive
  • The WI Flower and Produce Show
  • The Parish Council Millennium Show
  • River Dancing in Wellies
  • The Medieval Murder Mystery.
  • Old Rope String Band, Sid Kipper, John Kirkpatrick , Loyko
  • The Russian Gypsy Band


In The Hall.

Make this your ideal venue. Booking is easy - call Danielle on 07527693937 or by email

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