Hall Details

Our Licences

We have three licences:

Premises licence:  Performing Rights Society (PRS):  Phonographic Performance Licence (PPL)

Our Fees

Charges start at £10 an hour plus £2.50 an hour for heating, if you want it.
Check the full details here

Size of Hall

Hall: 40ft x 28ft
Stage: 14ft x 18ft


Audience Capacity

Close seating function:  212
Dance function:               192
Seating function:             110
Dancing and seating:       90

Also Available

Large and Small  Tables
Crockery and Cutlery
Bar and Food Serving Area.

What's it like Inside?

This is what you get  - have a look at what we've done for you.

The Hall entrance

Come on in. The doorway is wide enough for all kinds of easy access.
That's the kitchen hatch in front of you.


The Stage

There's nothing on there at the moment, but if you want to run your own show let your imagination and talent run free!

The Kitchen

It's all there. You can do big meals, but it could save your cook a lot of work if you have a light menu.

The Basins

Well, they're nice and clean aren't they?  Note the flowers too, they will be seasonal.

The Disabled Loo

The loos aren't really disabled. (That's the trouble with the English language!) They were built for use by anyone with a disability. Plenty of room and easy to access.

The Ladies Room

Really smart, would you agree? Pleasant enough for any lady. And we have flowers for them too.

Booking is easy. Call Danielle on 07527693937 or email