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Kilmersdon village

The Hall is set in the Village and was built to relfect t local character.

What's Next at the Hall

Here's a summary of regular events at the Hall.
For other exciting things, please visit our "Events" menu above.

The ART GROUP meets most Wednesdays, term time. - 10am to 1pm.
* 5 October - 7.45pm - The Reel People Film Society season starts.
The Taekwondo Group meets every Monday - see what they do.
Kilmersdon Women's Institute meets every month - A variety of Interesting Activities
Kilmersdon Gardeners meet here every month - Knowledgable Speakers

Looking for a good place to hold your own event? Call Cherry on 01761 436767

Ready for a wedding

The hall is a popular venue for wedding hire, to book please contact Cherry Gilham on 01761 436767


Like Our Hall?

We would be glad if you, or your friends, could say something about your use of our hall.
Let us know anything you like about the hall or how we could do better. 

A lovely rural venue to hold your

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Events
  • Courses
  • Concerts
  • Plays.

Spacious * Warm * Clean and Bright


The Hall is tastefully and quietly decorated and has everything you need to enjoy your special day. You will have the use of 

  • A Large stage
  • Extensive floor space
  • Kitchen and toilets
  • Loop system
  • Fully accessible
  • Car Park.

Booking is easy. Call Cherry on 01761 436767

Our Licences

We have three licences:

Premises licence:  Performing Rights Society (PRS):  Phonographic Performance Licence (PPL)

Our Fees

Prices start at £10 per hour plus heating if you need it.

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25 Years ago, the Kilmersdon Arts Academy performed in the hut which was then the Village Youth Club now the one in the Herb Garden hut. There were two performances each time and the hut was packed at each one. All this without a stage - the curtain was a dust sheet stretched crudely over a scaffold pole.  With no room for changing, the performers ran across a flimsy platform to and fro a horsebox parked close by. Changing was unisex - not much privacy!

So what happened in the Hall ? -- Look at What They Did.

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  • The St Nicks Old Timers Music Halls
  • Auctions, and silent auctions
  • Quiz nights
  • Beetle Drive
  • The WI Flower and Produce Show
  • The Parish Council Millennium Show
  • River Dancing in Wellies
  • The Medieval Murder Mystery.
  • Old Rope String Band, Sid Kipper, John Kirkpatrick , Loyko
  • The Russian Gypsy Band